Rogue Audio

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    Tube amplification. Made in USA




    Tubes produce a seductive, smooooth sound.  Rogue is for the tube lover. Made in the USA. Proven designs. Great voicing and great people. We think it’s the choice to make if you’re looking for tube electronics.



    Cronus Magnum ll integrated amplifier  



    Sphinx Hybrid integrated amplifier




    Pharaoh hybrid integrated amplifier



    RP-1 tube preamplifier



    RP-5 tube preamplifier


    RP-7 tube preamplifier  



    Atlas Magnum ll tube power amplifier



    Stereo 100 tube power amplifier



    M-180 monoblock tube power amplifier



    Apollo Dark monoblock tube power amplifier



    Medusa and Hydra hybrid amplifiers



    Ares phono preamplifier




    Triton phono preamplifier




    RH-5 headphone amp



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