Emotiva Electronics Basx series

Why can’t we have amazing audio and video sound at prices that don’t shock us? That’s how Emotiva started. They run a lean organization without excess overhead. They are disrupting the industry and we, as consumers, can finally have EXCELLENT sound at prices anybody and our friends can afford. Our mission degenerate is for everybody to be able to listen to music with a system that meets a minimum standard of performance. Otherwise, art becomes noise.

Basx Series



TA-100 integrated amplifier  $399.00     This is the one to start with.




PT-100 Preamplifier $299.00




A-150 2 channel power amplifier  $299.00 





A-300 2 channel power amplifier  $399.00 



MC-700 surround processor  $699.00  Shown with A 500



A-500 5 channel power amplifier  $499.00





A-700 7 channel power amplifier  $599.00




A-800 8 channel power amplifier. $499.00




A-5175 5 channel power amplifier  $799.00




 A-100 steroflex amplifier $229.00




CD-100 CD player $299.00




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