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Their cabinet work is world renowned, and lots of people swear by the sound they produce. This is a huge company which has been in business for over 40 years. Their technical and engineering prowess is phenomenal. They have a separate division that creates state of the art active speakers for recording studios, so they are able to understand the reproduction world by also being in the production environment.

They design and manufacture all their drivers, having the reputation of producing the finest dome tweeters. Their offerings go from the fabulously priced Emit range to the imposing Evidence. Their speakers are fine pieces of Danish furniture that complements any home. And if there is a company  pushing the active loudspeaker, it is Dynaudio. 


Emit Series



Excite series


 XEO active series


 Special 40



Contour series



Focus XD active series


 Confidence Platinum series

Consequence ultimate edition


 Evidence series


Active Loudspeakers




Passive Loudspeakers









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