Acoustics for Music rooms, studios and theater


The music system is only as good as the room. It is fatiguing listening to music in a room with prominent hard reflections. The control of reflections reduces stress and promotes wellbeing. Treat the room. The same applies for a restaurant or your home.

Browse through the pictures to get ideas on how to treat rooms, while complementing the visuals of your home or workplace. Vicoustic is made in Portugal. The finish is exquisite, typical of european high quality furniture.

Acoustic Principles





Cinema Round ($100.00)        




Wavewood  ($110.00)


Super Bass Extreme


If you enjoy music, consider this: The room is the most determining factor in recreating or destroying the illusion of live music. The benefits of “room treatment” are of a higher magnitude than any cable or audio component can produce. That’s why we promote: “Choose Wisely”. Invest in the big picture, where there are evident benefits. We confidently say we make a better sound, no matter what the equipment. There are reasons for it. 

Flat Panel VMT ($110.00)












Multifuser 2 Diffuser ($120.00)    





Flexi A50  ($45.00)   




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